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Concepcion Botanical Gardens in MalagaThe La Concepcion botanical gardens in Malaga have captivated visitors for over 150 years.

Adorning the Malaga hillside, La Concepcion remains a little visited verdant jewel. It is sadly overlooked by the multitude of tourists who visit the city.

Once inside the entrance gates of the botanical gardens in Malaga, the arid landscape of Andalucia transforms into something splendid. Towering trees and mature vegetation are married with sparkling fountains and waterfalls, interspersed with sculptures old and new.



Jorge Loring Oyarzábal and his wife Amalia Heredia Livermore, the Marques and Marquesa de Casa Loring, initially created these gardens in 1855. Many years of work by exceptional landscape designers and hundreds of employees have nurtured La Concepcion Botanical Gardens in Malaga into a very special place. Once a family home overlooking Malaga City these gardens have matured into an exceptional excursion for nature lovers.


The Concepcion gardens have been used as a film set, as a backdrop for photography and for private parties and weddings. On a day to day basis they are now open to the general public. During the summer months they are open once per week in the evenings when there is a theatrical ‘Walk back in time’. This is where you can discover how the Loring family lived a century ago.

The gardens are used for  a number of ongoing scientific and horticultural projects, a seed bank plus educational excursions for local school children.


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La Concepcion Botanical Gardens in Malaga Gallery


Jardín Botánico-Histórico La Concepción de Málaga, to give it, it’s official name, is a destination of reflection for many. It is truly an adventure into another world. The gardens and how they came to be, are but a small part of the history of the families who affected important changes to Malaga and Spain. Politics, railways, banking, aviation and international commerce all play a part in the history of La Concepcion.


La Concepcion Botanical Gardens in Malaga – the book

Concepcion Botanical Gardens in Malaga



Having visited the gardens numerous times over the last 20 years, I was curious to discover a little more of this oasis overlooking the city.

Information was sparse in English and it required several months of research to unearth information which was mostly in Spanish.



The resulting publication is a brief overview of the gardens and what you will be able to experience when visiting. Hopefully you will become as much of a fan of these botanical gardens in Malaga as I have become. Even if it is only for one day.

An index of the plants, trees, birds and butterflies will assist you in identifying everything in the gardens.

All of the plants in the gardens are named on small plaques with their scientific names and a Spanish translation. We have translated these where possible so as to provide non-Spanish speakers with an English version.

Malaga Gardens - La Concepcion Botanical Gardens in Malaga
To the best of our knowledge this the only book in English about Malaga’s La Concepcion Gardens.


 Malaga’s La Concepcion Gardens will be available for purchase shortly